Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Change Is Coming – 2013 & Onwards

Julian Phillips
The structures we see around us, within which everything is bound together, together with current political leaders and their will for the future—these things will shape the years ahead.
Underlying the developed world society is the state of the family, which underpins the state of the nation. This in turn describes the state of national and global cohesion within world structures. For instance, by contrasting the progress of China's economy with that of the developed world, we get a focused picture of the economic and monetary capabilities of civilization in the two blocs.
It’s over five years since the credit crunch began, and the problems that came with it have not been resolved. The political system hasn’t been reformed. The developed world is stumbling along, no clear direction in sight. The financial system remains reliant on a series of rescue operations in an attempt to hold together structures that have thus far failed. Government and finance still don’t work cohesively to provide solutions that will lead the developed world to a growing future. There is no strong monetary system in place.
What Phillips sees is a growing discontent among people that their future is so uncertain, a discontent that breeds instability and uncertainty. As the developed world looks forward to more economic underperformance, this rising tide of discontent threatens to worsen substantially.
Against this backdrop, Phillips looks at the future of the US, the Eurozone and China/Asia (and the arrival of the global yuan).
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