Thursday, January 3, 2013



The Investment Everybody Loves to Hate

Pater Tenebrarum
“Imagine a stock–best for the hypothetical exercise is probably a tech stock–rising for 12 years without interruption. A net gain every year, sometimes a small one, sometimes a bigger one, but nicely compounding at an annual yield of more than 17.13% (that's a devilish 666.67% in 12 years).”
“What would people say about this stock? Would there be a steady stream of negative press trying to dissuade people from buying it? We somehow doubt it, although almost every investment that has seen a great deal of appreciation has its detractors (and sometimes they are right).”
When the gold market sold off after the Fed’s announcement of more money printing, the bears came out in force to say that gold was overvalued and would fall dramatically.
But gold has risen against an entire array of assets, and outperformed just about everything. Gold reflects an increase in the demand for money, even if it is not used as a medium of exchange today. However, one can still save in gold, secure in the knowledge that it cannot be printed by any central bank. That remains its chief attraction. How far the increase in gold's value relative to other assets will go is unknowable.
source: acting-man

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