Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Implication of Currency Dilution

Jeff Nielson
There is only one item that (supposedly) does not automatically decline in value as it is diluted: fiat paper currencies. In fact, the media often reports that various currencies are rising in value even as they are being diluted.
Suggesting that (any of) our incessantly diluted paper currencies could rise in value is just as insane as the world is flat, unless it was already worthless before the dilution even began.
So who insisted that these paper currencies ever had any value to begin with? The bankers. Who leads the media choir in talking about these paper currencies ‘rising in value’? The bankers.
When it comes to the media, it's not hard to believe that they simply don't understand that paper currencies were worthless to begin with. That is not the case when it comes to the bankers who created paper currencies.
Evidence that bankers consider their fiat to be worthless: 0% interest rates, which allow the Fed to literally give away currency to Wall Street. When you give something away for free year after year after year (in huge quantities), the obvious implication is that what you are giving away is worthless. Then there are derivatives: the world’s largest rigged casino.
The Fed was created 100 years ago with a mandate of ‘protecting the US dollar.’ Since then, the dollar has lost 98% of its value. These people are not guardians of the currency, they are currency assassins, because it is through the process of dilution that bankers steal wealth. Giving private central banks monopolies over the creation of money supply goes beyond allowing the fox to guard the hen house; it is giving the fox ownership of all hen houses.
“…There is only one way to protect yourself as the banksters steal your wealth with their (worthless) paper currencies: by converting that wealth from paper to metal - and putting it forever beyond the reach of these confessed thieves.
So the next time you hear someone claiming that a paper currency could ‘rise in value,’ understand that they are directly implying that the currency was worthless to begin with. Or they are just idiots.”

source : Gold Eagle

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