Monday, May 20, 2013

The Economy

Insanity Cubed
Jeff Neilson
Definition of insanity: performing the same act again and again, but expecting a different result. Of course, choosing to repeat failure is utterly indefensible behavior.
Currently, most of our economic problems are derived directly from two failed policies: excessive money-printing and excessive debt. Yet these are the only two ‘solutions’ being proposed by Western governments.
The only valid reason for employing a failed strategy repeatedly is if the plan itself was valid but the execution was faulty. In such a case, the sane course of action is to get different people (hopefully better) to attempt to execute the plan. Today, the same failed cast of characters remains in charge of executing the plan.
While things are not good at the moment, it’s going to get much worse, as is always the case with any multiplication function, thanks to the exponential curve.
This is a mathematical function that doesn’t merely accelerate over time, but where the rate of acceleration itself continues to accelerate. Exponential curves are the mathematical representation of the concept of unsustainability. All exponential curves end in disaster, and there can never be an exception to this.
Exponential trends in the US: increasing money supply (leading to hyperinflation) and increasing debt (leading to bankruptcy).
We are now at insanity cubed: repeating a failed strategy again and again; employing the same failures to continue repeating that failure; continuing to repeat the same cycle of failure even after we have conclusive, mathematical proof that this is now economic suicide.
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