Saturday, August 11, 2012

18 Signs, 6 Charts, 3 Videos Predicting a Major Economic Collapse in USA & Europe

Jason Beam
There is a long list of worrying signs indicating an imminent escalation of the financial situation in the US and Europe. Since nothing has changed since the 2008 recession, the coming economic collapse could be the worst in 100 years.
Beam discusses the signs, charts and videos referred to in the title of the article, and offers some ideas about preparing for an economic collapse:  secure your assets (buy gold, silver and keep cash accessible in a safe place, spread your money across different banks, countries and currencies); convert variable interest loans into fixed interest for at least 5 years; get rid of high and variable interest debt; buy food and water reserves for at least a few days if not weeks; keep emergency medicines and first aid kits; try to become somewhat self-sufficient (grow food, keep chicken, invest in solar panels & other electricity generators); community building (get to know your neighbours, you may need to help each other).
It seems that those who were prepared in 1929 and had some income/job or assets could live pretty well with low prices and many new business opportunities. Let's hope that the world will abandon the fiat money idea finally and use the collapse to launch a more sustainable system.

source: Reports from Earth

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