Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Boomers Bamboozled: Social Security Fades Into a Dreamtimehaze

Daily Bell
Social Security is gradually fading away for most baby boomers. What the '60s generation in both Europe and the US doesn't understand is that government isn't here to help them.
Social Security started out well enough, but in reality, it was just like any other big government program; it was built to fail.
All the great "isms" – socialism, fascism, communism, capitalism – are merely ways to achieve wealth transfer. They were implemented as a kind of aggregate weapon of mass social destruction. In that regard, they've achieved their goal.
These "isms" together formed a kind of elite dominant social theme, designed to build societies that would depend on large government programs rather than on sustainable families and villages. The idea was to build dysfunction into the fabric of post-war civic structures. The plan was apparently to create blossoming social chaos that would eventually be resolved by the "solution" of global government.
As Europe unwinds, its great social programs are proving to be failures; the US is no different. And when all government promises are totaled, the indebtedness is staggering.
All the facilities of global government have been erected within the past 75 years or so, from central banks to the UN, IMF and World Bank. And all aspects of modern society, from public schools to health care and even to the legislative process, have been built to fail.
The next few years will be filled with endless debates over how to fix what has been constructed to collapse. As these conversations continue, it will be important for people to keep their goals in mind and put themselves, their families and their communities first.
Conclusion: Many of us have lived most of our lives in a kind of elite-induced "dreamtime" haze. Those who do well in the 21st century will likely be the ones who snap out of it.

source: The Daily Bell

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